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Tokyo International Art Fair 2017

Proud to have been selected to participate to the 3rd edition of the Tokyo Art Fair 2017. Amongst great names that participated were Mr Brainwash, Damien Hirst, Shane Bowden and many others. I'm very glad that my name has been associated with such renowned artist and as a matter of fact I have the strong feeling that this is just the beginning. It was a great pleasure to meet face to face my new Japanese collectors. A big thank you to the organizers, collectors and amateurs that have admired my art. I love you all ;-)

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Exhibition in Tokyo

First of all, im very happy to announce that I will travel to Tokyo to be part of the TOKYO ART FAIR in May this year. Its going the first time in my life that I go so far in the world. I have never been that far to showcase my art before. I guess it is the beginning of a bright future, living of my passion: painting. I was also selected recently to be part of the book: Contemporary artist 2017, I will post some pictures soon in my blog, I will post all the pictures in my Instagram and Facebook (haven't been there that often thought) :-)  

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