About Ben Alan

Ben Alan is a Parisian abstract artist expressionist currently living in Dubai. He has the ambition of painting the feeling of success and motivation. “All my paintings are a sum up of personal development books”. To access success and motivation by visuals of colorful and positive images.

As of today, three series are available, Limitless, Virtual Reality, Nature. Ben Alan is mainly inspired by great names such as Jackson Pollock with his dripping painting style; as well as other artists expressionist from the late 1950`s such as Rothko, De Kooning, Kline.

This innovative style of painting is creating light through the use of bright colours determining the vision of happiness and the beauty of success. The Ben Alan`s paintings are a spiritual art work creating a connection with the inconscient aiming at bettering the mind`s awareness. The paintings also have the ambition of creating positivity by chasing the negative energy that is surrounding our today’s world.

All the paintings are in Movement meaning that the success in life can be obtained by constantly bettering ourselves. This style is also known as action painting movement born in the early 1950`s.